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06 Sep 2010

Trololo, or how a totalitarian censoring machine produced an internet meme!

I guess by now everybody saw and then promptly forgot the trololo video. The funniest thing about this, is that it is the product of soviet era censorship. The original song’s lyrics talks about a cowboy that is happy to return to his sweetheart, something the soviet censoring geniuses back in 1976 considered too subversive, so Mr. Eduard Khil (who by the way was quite famous as a baritone) employed a traditional Russian technique called Vokaliz.


Jamming on the street

Lenny Kravitz crashes a choir performance in New Orleans - excellent!.


Changing language changes your personality?

Colleen Ross remarks on how she changes demeanor when speaking another language. My personal experience while not so dramatic is quite similar and up until I read the article I had it for granted that it is so.

Duel in the Somme

Ben Bova, Rob Balder and Bill Holbrook team together and I keep wishing I had discovered it after it was finished cause the page-a-day torture is killing me…

Don’t lose the inner child…

because it holds your creativity hostage

Keep those wrists going.

Zed Shaw with some good advice for those of us nailed infront of a monitor most of the day.

My husband is a programmer and I have no idea what that means

Ten to one you don’t know what that means either.

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