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Browser ABCs

04 Mar 2011

Inspired by Tim Bray’s Letter Sweep

First letter browser guesses:

[A]mpelofilosofies this blog. There’s a tricky part here. Α is different from A (one is greek, the other latin). The blog actually ranks 2nd behind Google Analytics when I press the latin A. I guess I care about what traffic the blog gets than the blog itself ;)

Kevin&Kell by [B]ill Holbrook I start my day with this strip and it’s been so many years that it remains the top browser choice for www as well.

C puts up a list of some internal project servers.

D is seemingly underused because the first choice seems to be Spiegel the browser latching on the .de of the URL.

[E]l Pais for the Spanish connection.

[F]lixter which seems to be another remnant.

[G]mail even though I’m a Thunderbird user.

H is another unused letter. The browser latches on the h in http:// and gives me the Euruko 2011 site.

[I]nstapaper for the best memory help.

J gives me the Virtualmin console for this blog’s host at Joyent.

K is the same as B.

L is localhost. Natural, since I build services for a living.

M goes to my home download manager.

N and O lead both to Slashdot ([N]ews for [N]erds and the o in slashdot) which I find weird.

P is the same as E.

Q leads to my company’s intranet pages.

[R]adiobubble best radio station ever!

S is slashdot. Which goes to show that some habits are hard to break - I don’t subscribe to Slashdot’s RSS feed, I like to visit the site.

[T]witter which should not be, since I use clients 99% of the time.

G[u]ardian For the English connection. Very wierd that it does not come up with G since I visit it more often then Gmail.

V follows J.

W makes a party with B and K.

[X]KCD naturally!

[Y]outube with no other choices, really.

[Z]uehlke for the company that pays my bills for the past decade.

Now I won’t go through the greek alphabet since no URLs (that I use) contain greek letters yet and anything that comes up will most probably be newspaper articles.

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