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Recruiter fail

04 Sep 2013

The following was sent to the info euruko account

Hi EuRuKo,

I am <em>redacted</em> human resource manager at <em>redacted</em>, a well-funded startup 
based in the US. I went through your Github profile and thought that you would be a good 
fit for the position that I'm trying to fill. This is a long term position. The main 
benefit of the job is its flexibility which allows you to work at your most convenient 
time and location, and we can also send you a prepaid retainer! - details below.  
Let me know whether you're interested in discussing this opportunity.

 - <em>redacted</em>

OFFSITE ROR Developers (front/back-end)

Word to the wise: if you want to recruit developers you better put a little more effort into it. Targeting an info account for a conference is a major fail!

Initially I did not redact any of the information, but I then googled the company and it turns out it’s a legitimate, obviously small, web development consultancy in the US. It seemed a pity to land the HR manager who sent that email in hot waters. You know who you are, do better next time.

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