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Please insert disk number X

16 Nov 2007

One of the problems Vista has created for us software developers is that now we have to cater to people who are reluctant to leave Windows XP but also to people who have already jumped on the Vista wagon.

While till now I can’t say I have tripped over incompatibility problems it is unavoidable that I will have to test on both operating systems.

So I grabbed the ISO image(s) for Vista and installed it on a VM.

First surprise it’s that it is 5 CD ISOs (and not one DVD ISO even if all images together come to about 2.5 GB).

Installation is reminiscent of a Win 3.11 installation:

“Please insert disk number X”, only now you switch CDs instead of floppies.

It’s amazing how the “edge” operating system of 2007 offers you a 1990s installation experience.

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