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EuRuKo 2008 roundup

17 Apr 2008

Well, I can put it all in a sentence: Euruko was fun!

The guys that organized the whole thing did a fantastic job for the ~300 geeks in attendance.

I enjoyed my talk on rutema , even while I panicked when I realized that the projector was showing 800x600 instead of the 1024x768 my slides were set for.

It was very nice to put some faces on names and I enjoyed the talks on JRuby, David A. Black’s “per object behaviour on ruby” and “Synthesized testing” by my fellow greek George Malamidis.

Grab the slides while we wait for the videos.

And while we were at it, I got to fix a few bugs for rutema (never, ever update your gems before a presentation), check if it runs on JRuby (not there yet, but it’s coming) and release

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