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Scramble, scramble, scramble. Rubyforge is being taken down!

27 Oct 2009

The good folks over at Gemcutter had made their goals clear: replace Rubyforge as the central gem repository for the ruby community.

When you have such an offer and such commitment to the community, you have to really appreciate it. And that’s exactly what Ruby Central did. So it’s been decided that Gemcutter will become and replace rubyforge as the central gem repository: Goal reached!

Rubyforge has been an excellent tool for managing projects over the years, but it has been showing it’s age a bit lately (especially after the advent of GitHub). The big news is, that the plan involves phasing Rubyforge completely out, as it is felt that most of it’s functionality is covered by other sites (GitHub, GoogleCode and Sourceforge are mentioned - check the discussion).

Unfortunately this means a bit of work for us old rubyforge project maintainers. What does that mean for rutema? Well, bug tracking, documentation and repository will move to GitHub. I’ll probably have to create a google group for discussions as well.

The matter of is still open - I might move the site to an own domain, I might adapt to what GitHub offers. We will have to see. Luckily my own rutema repository has been a git repository for a while now, so there is not much hassle involved.

For more news on the Rubyforge retirement and a timeline check the wiki

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