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06 Sep 2010

The number of tabs open is beginning to limit the memory available for other more important stuff, so here goes:


Now this has evolved from when the tab first opened, but the premise is still very exciting: cross platform native mobile applications written in HTML5 and Ruby.

Kill all those mob birds with one gemstone.


Put jobs in a queue in the background in way that scales and comes with spiffy monitoring.


Although I still use MacPorts, Homebrew just feels nicer (that the recipes are Ruby is puuuurely coincidental)

Git Reference

Online git reference - ‘nuff said.

Notational Velocity

Quick, easy, simple note taking with optional web synchronization (using “SimpleNote”:

Fits my work flow like a glove.


Useful snippets for iPhone/iPad and MacOS apps.

Devs Are From Mars - SETs Are Too

Simon Stewart’s entertaining QCon talk about the role of SETs in Google that finally gave a title to what it is I do to earn a living.


This year’s GoRuCo talks - some really interesting stuff. Make sure you have several hours free.

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