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ForgetMeNot: SublimeText shell with errors on Windows

30 Jul 2014

I’ve been running SublimeText v3 with the Shell-Turtlestein plugin for a while now.

There’s rarely a need to switch out of the editor window anymore and I’m feeling more emacsy than ever.

I use the same setup on all platforms (Windows, OS X and Linux) and all it takes to configure is a couple or JSON files in the correct locations.

Shell-Turtlestein uses the same technique that the SublimeText build systems use to parse errors from the output of a command and this involves regular expressions (que moan).

I also mostly run rake and drive minitest unit tests so there is a couple of cases where I would like to jump to the line an error indicates: When a test assertion fails and when an exception occurs.

The following entry in the Shell-Turtlestein settings file will allow the use of F4 to jump to the error line in these two cases on windows (for *ix OSes there’s plenty of examples out there)

"exec_args": {"file_regex":"^\\s*\\w*\\(*\\w*\\)*\\s*\\[*(\\w+:\\/.+\\.*\\w*):([0-9]+)\\]*:()(.*)"}

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